Any body can do Hair Transplant. Why not to look for a cheap doctor ?

Hair Transplants doctors have mushroomed not only in India but all over the world . Every body wants to do hair transplant irrespective of whether he is fit for this profession .Quacks lure the patients by offering them huge discounts .First the price is raised and then huge discounts are offered

Lack of Experience , technical knowhow , poor surgery methods & poor insights of a surgeon are some of the reasons behind a failed hair transplant . All these lead to patient’s dissatisfaction . check the surgeon’s qualifications , institutes / colleges & past experience. Remember you are paying for your health

Hair Transplant is expensive

It is quite affordable in India as compared to advanced countries .The hair transplant cost is typically calculated on a per graft basis and includes fees related to operation Theater, surgeon’s fee, medicines, consumables etc

Age is a barrier in Hair Transplant

People of any age can go for Hair Transplant provided they have a healthy donor

Only men can go for Hair Transplant

This is wrong . women can also go for it . The donor area should be good


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Hair Transplant is better in young age

Age is not a criterion to decide a hair transplant

Hair Transplant is a painful procedure

It is done under local aneasthesis and is a pain free procedure . It is ensured that the patient does not feel uncomfortable during the procedure . Not only this medicines will be prescribed by Dr Shobha Jindal for post Hair Transplant period also

FUT or FUE which is better ?

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) involves the removal of skin, potentially leaving scars. Whereas, Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is done by extraction of single units from the donor area. The risk of scars is eliminated by minimally invasive procedure . so FUE is better

Large grafts produce more Hair density

Hair density is not dependent upon size of the grafts but on number of grafts which is to be decided by the surgeon

Large no of grafts in a single session is better

It is to be decided by the surgeon